An active investment company

Camar is a family-owned investment company, established in 1994. Investments are industry independent with a financial focus. Camar’s resources are primarily dedicated to long-term investments. In it’s investments Camar wishes to have an active ownership role and ability to influence the management of the company.

Investment strategy

Direct investments have been our core business since the establishment of Camar in 1994. Camar invests in companies where we as an investor and owner can play an active role and contribute to the company’s development in close cooperation with management and other owners.
Camar will typically gain entry into a company via:

A need for growth capital to finance investments into in order to pursue organic or strategic opportunities
An owner’s desire to enter into a partnership with an active shareholder to further develop the business
Through another natural need for a change in ownership, e.g. generational change

Camar will, in addition to capital, contribute with active ownership focusing on for example furthering corporate strategy, developing business plans, board work, as well as a close-knit cooperation with management on all larger financial and operational challenges and opportunities that arise.

Camar is an opportunistic investor. We deploy our capital across a range of industries and are flexible with regards to which part of the capital structure we invest in. Through our history we have developed a preference for partnerships, where several owners can play to each other’s strengths and competencies to achieve the best result. Camar’s competence is primarily financial, and therefore, entering into partnerships where other parties represent operational, company-specific, or industry expertise is preferred.

Investment criterias

  • Opportunity for Camar to deploy at least NOK 30 million, maximum NOK 150 million.
  • Profitable, well established companies with attractive growth opportunities and a competitive edge operating in a strong market.
  • We are industry agnostic but need to see a proven business model that we can understand and value. Camar does not invest in early stage companies, no Seed or Venture capital.
  • Revenues for relevant companies will vary, but in order to meet other criteria, we typically see revenues between NOK 100 – 1,000 million in the companies where we invest.
  • Our activities are focused on Scandinavia, with Norway being our primary market.  As such, companies with whom we enter into partnerships are most likely domiciled in Norway.
  • We are flexible with regards to ownership size and structure, but prefer at least a 10% position with an opportunity for us to impact the company’s development.
  • As we are a privately held company, we can be flexible with regards to investment horizon, and can truly hold investments indefinitely if appropriate. Our investment history has shown us that holding periods vary materially from company to company.
  • A long-term perspective is important to us, but most important is that a plan for future development of the company is developed between Camar, management and other shareholders to collectively realize industrial and financial goals.

Visiting address

  • Address:

    Domkirkeplassen 3N-4006 StavangerNorge

John Arild Ertvaag

  • Chairman

Sindre Ertvaag

  • CEO